Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tilisa's Baptism...

What a wonderful day this was.
My heart was so full this day and
I cannot express how thankful
I am that she has made this decision.
My family also was able to come(except my brother)
It felt so good to see them.
I miss the all so much!

I am so thankful for my parents
and the relationship they have with
T. I am thankful for the examples
they were on my life.

I love you Tilisa.
Thank You for being
a great example to me
and your little sisters.

Tilisa's Piano Recital

Tilisa just started taking piano about
2 months ago and has already moved
up four classes. She loves it, and she
is so good. I don't even have to
remind her to practice. She just puts her
ipod on and practices for hours.
I am so proud of her and look
forward to seeing her talent grow.

My Little Shanny

Shanny just turned 6 and so much has
happen in the past few weeks.
She started her first day of Kindergarten and
she was so excited to go.
Everyday she has brought home a smiley face
to show what a great
job she did for the day.
She has loved being in school
and making new friends.
Her first day she said was boring because all
they did was talk about!