Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oil Changes, Baptism and Jazzercise!!!

I worked a grave yard last night and I was so tired all night. I had been up since 4:00 am. Well when I got home my wonderful husband was changing his parents oil. He knows how to do anything and if he doesn't know how he figures it out! I am so lucky that I don't have to spend money on a handyman because I have the best one at home. I love him!! I made him some orange julius after that was simply delicious!!!

My niece Elenoa got baptised today. I am so proud of her for the sweet spirit that she is. They had a party later on and the girls all had a blast. They came home and got in the shower and they looked pretty exhausted from the very long day! The girls changed into some of there favorite aloha clothes, so of coarse I had to take some pictures.

Well after I had Tilisa I started taking Jazzercise classes. I had so much fun and my instructor was so inspirational! The past few months I have thought about starting again. Well today I got a email from my instructor, she is so awesome. I think she talked me into it. I look forward to Jazzercising once again! It is so much fun! I love Jazzercise!

Well have a good one!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Girls!!

My girls have to be the funniest, cutest, smartest, little girls on this earth. It amazes me every day some of the things they come up with. It's amazing how these small little people have such strong spirits and determination. I learn so much from them, especially not to give up. Like for example they will ask me for something 500 times before I finally say yes,LOL. Now that is will power! Today was a pretty laid back day at our house. The girls played outside for a while and I got some laundry done. I made some ramen noodles for lunch and Ana said, "Mom these are the best!" She is so funny, she loves food I don't think it ever matters what she eats, it's always the Best!!! I am so lucky I do not have picky eaters! A little while after Loni got home our niece Elenoa called and asked if the girls could come and play. They got ready and went over to play with Elenoa and Lutui. They always have such a fun time when they get together. Today they were running through the sprinklers. Elenoa turns eight on Saturday and she is also getting baptised Saturday. She is such an amazing eight year old. She has a beautiful voice and she is a great example to all of her cousins, and me too!

Loni and I came home and started cleaning up the garage a little. It is amazing how much junk a small family can accumulate. Let's just say we will be taking a couple of trips to the dump this week. Then we went inside and started scanning some of all our old pictures. We have so many from before we were married and also of Tilisa when she was little. We bought a digital camera right before Shanny was born. Now my problem is I hardly ever get any printed because they are all in my computer. That is now one of my goals to get my picture albums updated.

Tonight before I left to work Ana wanted me to sing twinkle, twinkle little star as she played the guitar. I must say she is pretty good for a three year old!! I love getting kisses and hugs from my girls before I come to work. They are the best and it makes my night a lot easier.

I have to clean my house tomorrow. Our family from Vegas is coming this weekend for Elenoa's baptism.

I hope you have a great day....until next time!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I can't believe she's seven!

'Ilaisaane Tilisa you are officially seven years old. I thought I would share a few random memories over the last seven years. My due date was July 4th and you did not want to come. I went into the the hospital on July 9th about 9:00pm and I had you July 10th at 4:35 pm. You were 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. You were so beautiful. You know how some babies look so weird when they come out? You did not. You had beautiful pink skin and gorgeous brown eyes and brown hair. You were a character from the very beginning. I loved snuggling with you in my rocker and singing until you fell asleep. I loved your face when you were done eating, you looked full and satisfied. I love how when you would eat you would stop eating and just stare at me, or you would have to look around if daddy walked in the room. My dad of coarse was the first one to give you ice cream, suckers and of coarse Pepsi. One of the first times you laughed your guts out was when my mom sang The little green frog sticking her tongue out at you. You had the cutest giggle.
Fridays were the day we would always spend with my mom. You loved to go shopping with grandma, she has always spoiled you and still does to this day. Grandma always said I was the luckiest mom in the world that my baby slept through the night until about 10:00am every day! I WAS PRETTY LUCKY!! You spoke fairly early it always amazed me some of the things you would say, you have always been so darn smart. But of coarse I love mommy is what melted my heart. You would always look out the front window waiting for daddy to come home. You still run to the door when he comes home from work. I cried your first day of Kindergarten I did not want to because you were so happy and so excited to go to school. I held my tears until you walked into that building and then I cried and cried. Now you are done with first grade and going into second. Growing up I never really thought about being anything but a mom. You have made all of my dreams come true. I love being your mom. I love seeing you grow into a beautiful, outgoing, caring, compassionate smart little girl. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has chosen me to be your mom. He knew that I needed you. You truly are one of my priceless treasures. Thank you Tilisa for always being mommy's big helper. You always step in and help with the chores or with your sisters. Thank you for always being an example to them, and to me also. I love you "T" with all of my heart, and remember no matter how big you get you will always be my little girl!! Happy Birthday!
Love Always,

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Every time we enter into Las Vegas we all sing Viva Las Vegas!! Ana says it from the beginning of the city until we reach grandma's house. So we went to Vegas over the fourth, what a crazy city. We got down there Wednesday night about 10:30 and it was still 103 outside! CRAZY HOT!! On the fourth we went spent the day swimming and of coarse eating and that night we went to a friends house for fireworks. We were told that all the casinos on the strip let off fireworks at midnight, but we were exhausted and all sleeping by the time it was midnight. The girls had so much fun swimming, I think they were fish in there previous lives. They must have gotten that from my honey because they certainly did not get it from me. Shanny had so much fun pushing the boys off into the deep end and doing cannon balls right in the middle of them. Ana had so much fun diving off the into the water and sticking her head in the water to pull it back out. Tilisa has no fear of swimming. The kids were all having contests to see who could dive down and get the sharks from the bottom of the pool and she got them several times.

Sinipata's baptism went great. He was baptised by Hauati and Sione did the confirmation. I love Sinipata so much. I miss him. It is hard having them so far away when he lived with us practically his whole life. He has grown to be such a great kid. I remember so many times holding him while he was a baby. He has the biggest brown eyes and the longest beautiful eye lashes. He is a wonderful example, and I am so thankful for his gigantic heart of gold!!!

We decided to take the kids down to the strip on Sunday. We thought people would pretty much be on there way back home from the holiday and it would be a little less busy....We were wrong. I cannot believe how many people were down there. I think it is the city that wakes up at night!!
We went to the Bellagio to watch the water show they have. Very beautiful the kids loved it, so we watched it twice. We then made our way to Treasure Island we missed the show by like two minutes it was full. So we tried to go out front to see if we could watch and of coarse we could not. Maybe next time. So after that we had enough, it was so hot and the kids were exhausted. I had Ana on my shoulders and Loni had Shanny on his and we were all sweating. We made our way back to Fine's home, and had a nice nights rest.

We left Monday morning. I had to be to work that night. We really did have a fun time, it was great to spend time with family and friends. It was nice to get home and sleep in our own beds and get a little break from the heat. 97 is a lot different than 109. There were times I felt like I was literally going to melt!!!