Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I found this cute idea that I am going to do for my
girlies for Valentine's. Thought I would share the idea.
I will probably change some of the days.
So for 14 days you give them a treat.
Put the treats in a basket so they find
there surprise each morning!

There's fourteen days to go so I'll take each one to say,
I think you're very special and Happy Valentine's Day!!

I go bananas over you! 

You make me bubble over with joy. 

(bubble bath)

By gum!  You're special. (pack of gum)

You're worth a mint to me (pack of mints)

I love how you make me snicker! (Snickers bar)

I love your hugs and kisses!  (Hershey hugs & kisses)

You're a cracker jack kid! (Cracker Jacks)

I'm nuts over you! (small package of peanuts)

Let me count the reeses why I love you!  (Reeses peanut butter cup)

There's nutter butter kid that you! (pack of Nutter Butter cookies)

If kids were apples I'd pick you! (apple)

You're Berry Special (chocolate covered strawberries)  Ichanged this one

Here's a bear hug for you! (small stuffed bear)

Do U-No I love you! (UNO card game)I will probably change this one.

Have a fantastic day!!!



Buckeye Nut said...

Hi Trina :) I love this idea, I think I am going to borrow it. My kiddos, even the older 2, will love it. Should be lots of fun.

Are you all unpacked yet???

We miss you!

The Peterson Family said...

Hi Trina! This is such a cute idea! After reading a bit on your blog I see that you have a ton of good ideas! I might have to use this for my little guy. It just might have to be cut short since we are already into February. Gosh, where does the time go?! Hope you are doing well! You have such dang cute girls!!!