Friday, November 14, 2008

Only a face a mother could love.......

Obviously I am not speaking of my children.
I am speaking about this little guy...more on him later.
I have not really updated so these are the
happenings around the Fonua Household!
This sexy guy had a birthday!
Happy B-day Hun!
We received a little snow.
The girls were ready to throw on there
snow suits and build a snowman.
Instead they snuck out of the house, ate some snow
and took pictures as evidence....BUSTED!!
This cute little girl went back on track.
She was so ready. She could not wait to go back and
be with her teacher and friends. T loves school.
Last week she was begging for a work book from
Sam's Club so she could work on her math,
English, and problem solving skills.
I hope she always is this excited about school.
She really is my little smarty pants.
She enjoys learning about the
planets, animals, and wants to be a
doctor someday!
Well since she went back to school Shanny
and Ana have rule over the house once again.
They love lining the kitchen chairs up in the living
room and play choo-choo train.
Here again they documented what they had done.
Here is Ana jumping from the couch to the chairs.
She is my little monkey.
Ana must have taken this picture of Shanny.
She likes rolling up in the rug in the living room.
Then she pretends she is a big snake... I think
she looks like a cute girl hanging out of a rug!!!
Tilisa often looks at the blogs I visit,
she thinks I need to start taking pictures of the
food we eat like Pioneer Woman.
Well T this is for you.
That night we were eating a chicken/stuffing
casserole, peas, fresh pineapple and of
coarse pink lemonade!
Ana thought she was funny putting her
foot on the table.
She really is a little trouble maker!!!
My cute little Ana...
she must be thinking of something
mischievous to do.
Now to this little guy.
My mom and dad went this past week
to Jamaica so they asked the girls to watch
there dog "Sparky."
He has grown on us. We love him.
It's so fun watching the girls taking him
outside, feeding him,
loving him, and snuggling with him at night.
Have you ever heard a dog snore?
Well he does, real loud!
They love him so much.
He has probably been stressed all
week being around three giggling, goofy girls!
We will miss you Sparky!
Thanks Papa and grandma
for letting him stay with us!

As you can see we had a fun week.
I love my family, I am so thankful for them.
Until next time..Have a GREAT day!


Crystal said...

your parents have a pug? that's funny.

Amy-Rain said...

Your girls sure are cute. I've been writing back and forth a little with Andrea and Stacy on my space. It's crazy how fast things change. I'm glad to see all is well. I told my mom about your blog, I'm sure she'll be spying on you soon.

The Smith Family said...

Thank you so much for contacting me! First of all... What a CUTE family. Your girls are adorable!
I would love to get you a "Joy Block" kit. I just need you to send me an email at and let me know the zip code that I will be mailing it to and your name.
Then I will get your kit together, send you a google checkout invoice (where you can pay with any major credit card) and have your blocks on their way!
Thanks so much!
Shelley Smith

Crystal said...

My email is and my mailing address is 16548 NE Halsey St #111 Portland, OR 97230. I need your email also I had it but when I went to email you this info it was not there.