Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We missed You Guys!

This past Sunday we had Thankgiving dinner early. 
We did because my parents were here, and were 
not going to be able to be here for Thanksgiving. 
It was nice and I will post more on it later, 
but my brother and his family were missing. 
They were not able to come down from Casper.
Jayson, Ale and little Sophia we missed you and 
can't wait until Christmas!
My brother and I were always the 
greatest friends growing up. 
I love and miss him so much. 
I will always cherish the memories I have 
of my childhood having the 
best brother in the world!
I love you Jays!

Have a great One!


devri said...

first only a biggest loser with all my bloggin friends, but hey still biggest loser, and the pot is only 1,600

But hey that is christmas to me, so thanks for the kind words.

Your kids are too cute,

now you need two more...

And then you can get a boy..

♥♥ Koe mo'oni e mo'oni

devri said...

Koe ha e me'a Na'a ke fehui ki ai?

oku ikai te u poto lelei!!!


koe tahine poto 'a Devri he lea fakatonga.

I learnt from a class to begin with, and th shumway book, then I kept learning, we go to a Tongan Ward, and his mother doesn't speak English, so I wanted to learn so I can talk to her. We basicly speak Tongan in our home, only when we are on the phone (or internet) do we use our English..

oku ke poto he lea fakatonga?

malo e 'ofa..

devri said...

Oops, they are from 12.00 to 18.00 just depends on the size

This Country Girl said...

Hi Trina!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit and for your very kind comments! I enjoy them so much!

I'm also glad you did because I love finding new blogs! I read a few of your posts below and looked at your have such a lovely family.....beautiful girls!

Oh, and I also loved the snow pictures...we don't get much of that here!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

devri said...

Wow, maybe you should email me, there will be a million of me all over your page...

hey now,

Oua mu'a 'e pehe!!!

'Amusiaange 'e au oku ke lea he Fakatonga!!!

Maybe tell your hubby to teach you... Nothing better to learn from a Native...

The book is called 'intensive course in Tongan' by shummway.

There is also this untill you get that book..

That online is pretty good if you do not know very much.

If you need to learn make sure you get the Book of Mormon in Tongan, and read it side by side with your Engish.

Or I could even teach you, if your hubby promices not to laugh..

ok we speak too much in this house, I am forgetting how to spell in English..

this is me blushing.

email me.