Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camie Fackrell Vigil

As many of you know there was a plane crash in Moab this weekend. A childhood friend of mine was killed and I just wanted to express my love for her. Camie and Jodi were actually my brother Jaysons age. We use to go down to there house and ride horses and Camie and Jodi were the first ones to style my hair in a cool way! Camie was always so nice and friendly. Camie and Jodi let me tag along with them on several occasions and they made me feel so cool!

Camie's mom Jolynn is best friends with my mom. I am so sorry that there family is going through this. Something that kept playing in my head over and over was the Michael McLean song Together Forever. I would just like to share a little of the song with you.

Well it's hard to say goodbye and let go
And it's hard to see it end,
When the memories We've just made
May never happen again.

But it's harder for time to ever erase
The together times we've shared.
So, when we're apart, Remember
all the love we've shared together
And for all that love,
Thank the Lord above
Who showed us the way-
That we can be
Together Forever Someday.
We will be
Together Forever Someday.

I am so thankful for the Fackrell's and for the wonderful friends that they have been to my family through the years. I pray for all of you that you will be comforted during this time. We love you always and are grateful for the memories we have of dear sweet Camie!

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Crystal said...

I probably would not of heard about this for a few days. Living out of state is not always fun. That is really sad. What happened? Email me please