Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Weekend!!

As many of you know we are trying to sell our home. To anyone that is thinking of doing this....I do not recommend it! LOL! Today was our open house, and we did have a good turn out so now I guess we just hope and pray that someone will buy our home! Loni has been working so hard working 12 hour shifts then coming home and putting in another couple hours on the house. He never complains and still always has time for me and the girls! He is wonderful!
Tilisa starts school on Monday. She is very excited to start second grade. I still get emotional thinking that my little girl is in second grade. Where does the time go? Tonight I was getting ready for work and I walked in Shanny's room to turn off the light when she popped out of the sheets, she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she missed grandma. I asked her which one, and she said both of them. I told her to call grandma so she would feel better, and she did after hearing there voices. I must say this is one thing about Shannan that always makes my heart melt. She is always so concerned for others and has the biggest heart. I love my Shanny Wanny. The same thing happend the other night with Ana. As most of you know we go every where as a family, so the other night we were working so late on the house that I told Loni that we could just run and get something for dinner. He wanted to stay home so the girls came with me. Well of coarse we were dancing to the music as we always do in the car, when all of a sudden I hear crying. I turned down the radio and asked Ana what was wrong? I miss Daddy! I tried not to laugh because my goodness we were just going to KFC!!! LOL. She is to funny, Daddy is her best fwend(friend)! Well ten minutes later we were home and she was fine after she ran and gave Loni a big hug and kiss.
I love my girls and my honey bunny. I am so grateful for them and the joy they bring to my life each and every day. I am so thankful they keep my on my toes, they are so much fun!

Untill next time...have a Happy Day!!!

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