Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daddy is your boyfriend!

I always get a kick out of things kids say....
This week Ana said, "Mom why you like
kissing daddy so much?"
I laughed of coarse and
said, I don't know. I just
like kissing him! Ana broke out
in the loudest, goofiest laugh and said,
"Because he is your Boyfriend!"
I love him so much!!!

Here is T and Ana.
My kids hate taking pictures for
some reason. It's like pulling teeth.

My Shanny. At least she smiles for me!
We have not been up to much.
Just swimming, job interviews,
more swimming, running,
more swimming!

T is off track now.
I am kind of glad. I miss
her during the day.
Well I hope all you have a great week!



heather said...

I love that Ana said he is your boyfriend! SO cute!

Buckeye Nut said...

I love it. That is toooo cute. Kids are so funny at times. Miss Emma is my one to think of all the funny sayings or stories lately.

Colby and Dani said...

So funny! Kids do say the cutest things! Miss you guys!!!