Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly Update!

Last week was teacher appreciation week.
We decided to make candy lei's for
the kids teachers.

There teachers loved them, and the kids had fun making them.
We made about 20 of them last week
for teachers, Mother's in the ward,
and a few neighbors.
Here is just a random picture of
Tilisa and Shanny. She is getting so
excited to start kindergarten.
I don't know what Ana will do all on
her own.
One of the great thing's about Vegas is Loni
has been able to perform more often.
He loves singing. When I see him on stage
I know he is doing something he loves
and he is most comfortable.
This is the first time Shannan and Ana have seen
him perform. They performed on Freemont Street 
which was pretty exciting for all of us.

Well that is what we have been up to this past 
week. Oh ya and we got asked to speak in 
church.....We are thinking of going into hiding!
Have a great week.

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