Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's have some Mango!!!

2cups mango juice or tropical juice blend
1/4to 1/2 cup lime juice
12to 14 ice cubes
1cup club soda
1pint coconut ice cream, coconut sorbet or vanilla ice cream
Large candy sprinkles, if desired

1.Chill glass jars or goblets in freezer several hours before serving, if desired.
2.Place mango juice, lime juice and ice cubes in blender. Cover and blend on high speed about 45 seconds or until smooth. Pour mixture into 4 jars.
3.Pour 1/4 cup club soda into each of the jars. Add 1 large scoop ice cream to each jar. Garnish with candy sprinkles.
Okay so you all know I absolutely love Mango.
This is such a good drink. Very Refreshing. 
I added a little bit of shredded coconut in the blender 
and I served it with vanilla ice cream!
Also I used fresh Mangos!


The Peterson Family said...

MMM! This sounds yummy!!

the Fife's said...

That sounds so good, I am going to give that a try, especially once it warms up.

Colby and Dani said...

Okay, YUMMY!!

EsperanzaOrtega said...

Could you please send me the recipe that looks so yummy! My email is! Thx so much!