Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day our nation will never forget

There are some days that people use as milestones in history and their lives. The question, “Where were you when you found out JFK was shot,” or “What were you doing when you found out Martin Luther King had been killed,” immediately come to mind.

Today is a day when we ask ourselves, “What were you doing on Sept. 11?” No one has to ask what year or what event is being referred to. We know. Our lives as a country changed that fateful day. Never before had an act of terrorism of such magnitude hit our shores. Never before had we, as a nation, had to consider terrorist threats in our lives as we travel and work.

In many ways, Sept. 11 has changed our lives, but in other ways we have healed and we don’t think every moment of every day about the tragedy of the attacks. 

But today, as we go about our lives, take a moment to remember and honor those who lost their lives, those who fight for our freedom every day and the families directly affected by another date that will live in infamy — Sept. 11.

I will always remember this day. I remember holding my baby in my arms and asking myself what did I do? Why did I bring a innocent child into this crazy world? My heart ached for weeks thinking of all of those that were taken that day, just as it aches now thinking of that day. I remember the people walking around New York with the signs looking for there loved ones. I remember thinking of all of the people, especially the children that lost a parent that day. I am so thankful for the all of the men and women that fight for me and my freedom each and every day. I will never forget 9-11 and how my life changed that day. I pray for all of us that we will never forget. 

God Bless America!

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