Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Fun Filled Halloween!!!

We started out our day with these guys!!!
They invited us to hang out with them.....
kidding, my girls wish!
The girls have wanted to go see High School Musical 3. 
So today we headed to the District.
It was fun, the girls really enjoyed it. 
 The girls think Zac Effron is HOT!!
 A few days ago the commercial came on for 
the movie and Shanny said,
"Troy is Hot!" How funny that was coming 
out of my five year old mouth!
Ana found this poster and was trying to 
look up his nose!
This was the first time we have gone to the actual movie theatre in a long time.
We tried taking Tilisa and Shannan to the movies to see 
The Tigger Movie a few years ago.
We sat down and before the previews were over they were both ready to go.
So we have gone to the drive in for the last 3 or 4 years.
I am happy to say today we made it through the whole movie!!!
Loni and our little monkey Ana Finau!
He is such a great dad to take his girls to see the Wildcats!
The girls posing in front of the fountain.
After we got home from the movies my sister Stacy and 
my little nephew came to see us.
They had brought the girls some cute Halloween Cupcakes. 
My nephew Kamin was a skeleton or bones as he would say. 
He is such a cutie!!
This is my sister(Joe Dirt) and Kamin.
What a fun picture!
Tonight we had the kids come over for soup and bones!
The girls were going trick or treating with there cousins.
Here is Tilisa and her friend/cousin Calypso. 
They have been such great friends
since they were little babies. They have a lot of fun together!
Here is our little nephew Lutui the vampire!
What a cutie!
All the kids ready to go trick or treat. 
They came back with a whole
bucket full of candy and they were 
only gone about an hour!
We had a very fun Halloween being able to spend 
the whole day together!
We are thankful for our family 
for our nieces and nephews. 
We look forwardto the upcoming holidays 
to spend more time with our families!!
Thank You for a great Halloween.....We love you guys!
Much Love,

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