Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk Or Treat!

Tonight the ward was having the Halloween trunk or treat. The girls were very excited because they have been begging to wear there costumes since we got them.

This year Tilisa was a witch, a good witch she says. Shannan was Cinderella, and Ana was Sleeping Bootie as she would say. My brother in-law took them tonight to the church, they were ready to go two hours before he came to pick them up. They couldn't wait!

Here are the girls with our niece and nephew Elenoa and Lutui.
Ana did not want to stand to close to the vampire, she thought he looked scary!!! I hope they had fun...I won't find out until the morning when I get home from work!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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Chris and Erin said...

The girls look so cute, three little princesses. You are one hard working mom, nights yikes!!