Saturday, October 18, 2008

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Well here it is almost 4:00 am and I can't sleep. I have actually been awake since 12:47 am, but hey who is keeping track. My darling sister Andrea wanted the girls for a sleep over tonight. I think it's our first official night without the girls in a very long time. Maybe the house is to quiet, or maybe I am just use to checking on them a couple times a night....
whatever it is I can't sleep!
I know I am crazy, I should enjoy the peace while it lasts!

So here is to my cute babies that my thoughts of them are keeping me up tonight. So while I am up I thought I would post a few pictures for the week.
We went to Vegas this last weekend. We thought we would get a nice warm weekend, wrong.
It was cold. We went down to celebrate Shanny and our niece Daphne's birthday.
All Shanny wanted to do was swim. So we took them to the pool and let's just say it was a very quick dip in the pool!
Here is a picture of our little nephew Sinipata. I love him so much, don't you just want to pinch those cheeks!
This picture was actually from the last time we were in Vegas. As you can 
tell it's hard to get this rowdy bunch to take a group photo! Oh well we tried!
Here is one of our Sunday pictures. Sometimes I feel like Sunday is the only day we all look half way decent so we better get a picture while we can. Otherwise our posterity might think we were a bunch of hooligans! This picture says it all...can you tell who the trouble maker is?
I found this little project off another blog last year and I have loved this saying since I saw it in the Quilted Bear a few years ago with my mom. I love the fall. I love the the weather, I love the smells especially my pumpkin spice candle. I love being able to put all my warm blankets back on my bed and drinking cocoa to get warm.
I love the way these signs turned out.
The girls I made them for absolutely loved the way they turned out.
Thank you Heather for your creative ideas!
I love the saying because it applies from September to November!
Happy Fall-idays!!!
A few weeks ago we went to the zoo. It was actually Shanny and Ana's first time to the zoo.
They loved it. They took a ride on the carousel!
Here is Tilisa on her zebra.
Shanny standing by the snake. Can you tell by the picture she was scared to death, but still kept smiling! LOL! Oh my little Shanny!
Here are the three of them. They enjoyed the zoo very much. We wish there was more animals out that day. We didn't get to see the tigers or even many monkeys. But I am glad we got to enjoy the day together!


daEnces said...

Hi Trina! I do remember you actually, your family is SO cute! We didn't see very many monkeys when we went to the zoo this year too! I have a hard time sleeping too when my family isn't all home, safe where I know exactly what they're doing! I will add you if you would like me to, just send me your email!

Tammy said...

What darling pictures. You're girls are darling.